3 Signs it’s time to re-think your accounting processes: with Accountancy Cloud

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September 14, 2021

3 Signs it’s time to re-think your accounting processes: with Accountancy Cloud

Hi, we’re Accountancy Cloud. We’ve taken over Telleroo’s resources page to provide you with the 3 signs that signal it’s time to re-think your accounting processes. Let’s get to it!

Ugh - accounting…really?

Yes, really. We know it’s not the most exciting thing to think about, but think of it like this. Your accounting processes are the foundations that your business is built on. If there’s any weakness, you may not notice at first, but once you start building multiple floors the base will start to crumble. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen, so, here are those red flags to look for.

1. Missed Deadlines

Untracked invoices, late tax payments, late payroll runs...sure, these may seem like simple human mistakes, but they’re ones that a growing business can’t afford to make. Telleroo makes payment processes instant, easy and hassle free, it just makes good sense!

Introducing super-smart software to your accounting processes allows you to rest easy that deadlines can be met without the need for endless reminders. Our tax accounting solutions mean you never have to worry about dreaded tax payments again - with our blend of great professionals and awesome tech, your books and tax are married up and ready for when you need them. Our system also works to:

  • Reduce your tax bill
  • Close your funding
  • Seamlessly sync with your current processes

2. Confusing, inaccurate data

The data from your business performance should be readable at a glance. If this isn’t the case, and you find yourself leafing through confusing spreadsheets that you don’t understand, with figures you don’t recognise - then this is a red flag.

Our platform ensures everything is in one, tidy place ready for when you need to get those all important analytics. Track, manage and analyse quickly with tools that are built for business owners to understand.

3. Late night processing

If you’re managing your own books, and you find yourself dreading month end, because of the late night trawl, then this applies to you. Without a proper finance function, your financial health won’t be the only thing that suffers - your sanity will too! It’s time to introduce an online solution that integrates easily and has a back office function that eliminates those late nights processing.

How to fix a broken payment process

Join us on LinkedIn Live to find out! Our CEO and Co-Founder Wes Rashid, will be joined by Telleroo’s CEO Andrew Cookson and Pleo’s Partner Lead, Liz Sheldon. On friday the 30th of July, at 11 am we’ll be answering all your questions about creating a smooth running payment process. Don’t miss it. Set a reminder today.