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Telleroo integrates with Xero Bills and Xero Payroll for supplier and employee payments and with Staffology, Employment Hero, citrusHR and FreshPay for payroll processing, and ExpenseIn for expense payments.

You can also use Telleroo by uploading a file from Sage, Quickbooks, FreeAgent or anywhere else!

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When you add a client they get an email from the Telleroo team prompting them to confirm the request and upload their identification. Once they are fully onboarded, your client will receive notifications to fund and approve the pay runs set up by you and your team. You can find out more here.

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Yes! As a Telleroo partner you get free payments for your firm.

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There’s no limit on the number of clients you can add to Telleroo.

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You can add unlimited staff members to Telleroo and assign different user permissions, these are: Viewer, Creator & Approver. You can have as many approvers as you wish, however, only one person needs to approve a pay run for it to be released.

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Funds in Telleroo are protected through safeguarding, which is a regulatory requirement for all e-money institutions. In this process, we keep your clients' money separate from our own money and place it in a safeguarding account with a separate bank. In the event that something should happen to Telleroo, Moorwand or Clearbank, your client would get the full value of their funds back minus any costs to distribute.

Case studies.

Case studies

Wenodo logo x Telleroo logo
How Wenodo Optimises Payments for Client Cash Flow Control

Connecting Telleroo to Xero for supplier and payroll payments has allowed accounting firm Wenodo to provide hospitality clients with transparency and control over their cash flow, whilst de-risking payments for the firm.

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PEM and Telleroo logos
How PEM saves hours and delivers more value with Telleroo

Cambridge-based accounting firm PEM delivers more value to clients whilst freeing the team up to take on more work, thanks to their partnership with Telleroo.

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