Automate payroll and supplier payments for your clients.

Become the payment hero your clients need you to be. Say goodbye to payment errors and constant adjustments in Xero. 

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Why your firm needs Telleroo

Manage client payments from one place

No logging in and out of multiple systems or using different screens.

Take control of client payments

Suggesting then making payments on behalf of clients, means no more fixing their mistakes.

Catch errors before the client

Stop fraud and invalid bank details before it reaches your client.

Saves you time

Your team can set up payments for your review before the client even sees the pay run.

We’ll chase clients for you

Your clients are notified when they need to approve a pay run, plus reminders are sent to approve or fund.

One demo and you’re away

Telleroo's primary goal is to simplify client payments. After one demo, your team are ready to start inviting.

Using Telleroo

If you get stuck, or if something goes wrong, we’re available online and typically respond within 20 minutes.

Telleroo support interface

How does it work?

Invite your clients
from your portal (excl. partnerships clients)
Sync payments from accounting or payroll software
select the payments to include in pay run and send for client approval
Send payments
your client funds the account and releases payments

Dedicated Partner Hub

As a Telleroo partner, you'll get access to videos, blogs and how-to guides to help you roll out, grow and market your payroll and supplier payment service to current and prospective clients.

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What's next?

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