View payroll afresh with FreshPay and Telleroo

Create ease within your payroll process, using FreshPay and Telleroo for quick and effective payroll management. Push pay runs to Telleroo to be approved, funded and sent in minutes.

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freshpay payroll and telleroo pay runs

What FreshPay users can do with Telleroo

Process payroll and finalise the pay run in FreshPay.
Press 'Send to Telleroo' and select which individuals are to be included in the pay run.
Pay run is automatically created in Telleroo and sent for approval.

Why use Telleroo with FreshPay?

Telleroo Trust Check

Protect against fraudsters with automatic account validation checks. Plus, flagging when payee details are new and updated.

Pay HMRC directly

As well as employee payments, FreshPay can send your HMRC payments directly to Telleroo. References can be adjusted when sending the file, for a simple, flexible way to pay HMRC.

Save time

With automatic syncing of payment information between FreshPay and Telleroo, accountants, bureaus and businesses can save time on manual data entry.

Reduced errors

By eliminating manual data entry, the integration reduces the chances of errors or missing payments, ensuring that all payment information is accurate and up-to-date.

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