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Bulk Payments Simplified

Send money through Telleroo's API to any third party bank account.
Why use Telleroo?

Instant Payments

Real-time GBP transfers around the clock.

Effortlessly Compliant

We store and validate recipients, so you don't have to.

Provider Agnostic

Use multiple payment service providers.

We offer:
Payment services to grow your app

Mass Payments

Get started without an integration: Batch and send payments in seconds.

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Automate bank transfers in and out by plugging us straight into your app

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An online service to make your business compliant

By using Telleroo your business is ready for the latest payment laws, such as PSD 2, that make it otherwise difficult for marketplaces to be compliant. You hold customer funds in your Telleroo accounts only, meaning your customers funds are separated from your business account.

Telleroo gives you access to GBP and EUR virtual accounts to hold funds, receive and send out bank transfers

What our Clients Say

“Telleroo’s payment API helps us to send bank transfers to our clients directly from our back-end which makes our processes much more lean and efficient.”

“Telleroo made a laborious task of manually making payments each month into a quick and easy process. We're saving hours each week thanks to Telleroo!”

Developer Docs

Our RESTful API has been built for developers, with integration and simplicity in mind.

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