Instant Bulk Payments for your Finance Team

Finance teams use Telleroo’s Bulk Payments Service and APIs to make multiple bank payments to employees, suppliers, customers and partners
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Keep your bank, just upgrade the way you pay

Add additional users

Invite members of your finance team or your accountant at the click of a button, and benefit from custom user roles.
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Bounce back warning

Telleroo will notify you instantly on which payments have bounced, or any that need immediate attention.
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Create payments without funds

If you don't have funds for a pay run, we will queue the payments ready for when funds are available.
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Flags new and updated payees

If any previously paid payees have updated bank details, we will notify you on your next pay run.
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Hold funds like a bank account

Send funds from your business bank account to hold in Telleroo
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Make real time payments

All payments sent from Telleroo are using the faster payment scheme, meaning they will instantly arrive in your recipients bank account.
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Start using Telleroo with no training

  • No manual input of payments
  • Search payments and payees quickly
  • Simplified user roles to collaborate in your finance team

Reduce your margin for error

  • Bank Payment files mean reduced chance of human error
  • Pull payment data from Xero, Staffology, or Payfit
  • Automated Payee security means no keying in payees

The Telleroo way of making Bulk Payments

1. Set up payments

Set up multiple payments in one go from auto sync or file import

2. First approval

Multiple users can approve payments at the click of a button

3. Second approval

Employee with bank access provides funding to clear payments

Separate holding accounts give you additional protection

  • Allow safe access to employees outside of your finance team
  • Users can only see your Telleroo account
  • Limit the funds available to your team

Gain flexibility when dealing with tight payment deadlines

  • Make payments 24/7 including bank holidays
  • No payment cut off times
  • Bank payment files have no expiry

We work with everyone!

Telleroo Bulk Payments Service is the hub of all your bank payments. We are compatible with leading bookkeeping and payroll software providers.
Auto sync
File import

How Telleroo funds are protected

Client funds are safeguarded and held at Clearbank. We don't lend or invest your deposits at any time.

Authorized by the FCA

Telleroo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a e-money institution.

Covered by Hiscox

We hold appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance with Hiscox Insurance Company Limited.

Safeguarded client funds

In the unlikely event Telleroo were to become insolvent, your money would be safe as its held with Clearbank.

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Telleroo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by agency of Moorwand Ltd under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 902767, for the issuing of electronic money. We hold all corresponding funds in a safeguarded account at ClearBank Ltd.
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