Process Bulk Payments with Ease

Simply import bulk payment files and click to pay.

Stop dealing with slow Bacs payment cycles, instant round the clock faster payments instead.

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"inputting payments individually was disheartening"

Head of Finance at CRATE Brewery & JARR Kombucha

Powerful yet Simple

Telleroo enables businesses to send instant payments. Simply import payment files from payroll and accounting software or connect with Telleroo Faster Payments API.

Eliminate manual inputs

Re-keying payment information and reference details is a nightmare and something no finance person should be bothered with.

Instant Payments

Stop running on tight deadlines because of slow Bacs clearing times and take advantage of faster payments instead, instant round the clock.

Reduce error rates

This high degree of manual processing is costly and slow, and it can lead to inconsistent results and a high error rate. Perfect for payroll.

See for yourself

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