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Sync payments from your accounting software.

You can sync your payroll payments and supplier payments from Xero, Employment Hero, Staffology and more or upload a payment file.

Easy international payments.

Send international payments from within Telleroo. Sync from Xero, then convert and send payments in one batch. Reconcile foreign currency payments in Xero without having to adjust the exchange rate.

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Invoices to the same supplier merged into one payment.

You now send one payment per supplier instead of per invoice.

New and updated bank details flagged.

You are alerted if bank details are updated or a new employee/supplier is added.

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Reconcile payroll and supplier payments in one click.

You can reconcile a whole pay run in one click. For payroll this means the individual employees salaries are hidden.

Assign payment creators and approvers. Stop the CEO bottleneck.

You can give your teammates permission to create, review and approve payments.

And for an added layer of security you can assign dual approvers, so payments will be sent after they've been approved by two different users.

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Payment confidence with the Telleroo Trust Check.

The Telleroo Trust Check combines new and updated payee alerts with Confirmation of Payee, showing if the recipient account is a full, partial or no match to the payee name.

Easy payment sync or file imports

Payments without the pain.

Sync payments from your accounting software
Bulk schedule and approve the payments
Top up your Telleroo account and send instantly
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