Turbocharge Employment Hero with Telleroo

Payroll payments without the pain. Bulk payments without the bank. Faster payments without the high fees. More secure payments without the stress. Instantly send payroll files from Employment Hero to Telleroo, and pay employees with the click of a button.

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What Employment Hero users can do with Telleroo

Accountants and bookkeepers or team members suggest payments for client approval
Validate bank details, flag suspicious payee changes, and check for duplicate payments
Pay, amend and reschedule pay runs instantly in Telleroo
Employment hero.

Why use Telleroo with Employment Hero?

Payroll payments without the manual BACs upload

Businesses spend a lot of time setting up payee details and keying in payments. This can leave a lot of room for errors such as incorrect, missed or duplicate payments. The Employment Hero to Telleroo integration allows users to send the payment details of a pay run to Telleroo, for efficient, instant payments.

Automate HMRC compliance

Ensure pay runs are accurate every time with Employment Hero's automated HMRC tax code and Student Loan updates. Send FPS submissions automatically to HMRC at the end of each pay period and set up automated EPS filing each month.

No more chasing employees

Eliminate the need to chase for timesheets or manually input the data. Employment Hero's Employee Self Service portal and mobile apps allows employees to manage their own timesheets, leave, expenses and payslips, eliminating manual effort from the accountant or bureau. All data automatically feeds into the pay run.

‘Best in class’ Xero integrations

Both Telleroo and Employment Hero integrate seamlessly with Xero, creating a seamless payroll and payments experience. Sync payments from Xero with Telleroo, and easily integrate Employment Hero with Xero, mapping your chart of accounts, including Xero tracking categories.


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