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Telleroo gets systems and finance teams working better together in the same place.

Xero Integration

Telleroo syncs perfectly with Xero for seamless pay runs. The interface will feel familiar.

No more file imports for Xero bills
From Xero to Telleroo

Telleroo automatically pulls in bills from Xero for approval. No more errors from keying in payments and payees manually. You’ll save lots of time too.

Xero contact data changes

If a contact has changed their bank details or name since they were last paid, we will alert you to this. You can jump straight from Telleroo into the Xero, toggling seamlessly between systems for each payment.

Changes made in Telleroo sync back to Xero automatically

Cancel or amend a payment in Telleroo and we automatically move the bill back to 'Awaiting payment'. No more reconciliation nightmares and angry suppliers not being paid on time. Payee details and payment history is easily searchable within the Telleroo platform.

No more line by line reconciliation

We can post your pay run batch as a single line to your bank feed allowing you to reconcile all the pay run payments in one click. If individual invoices need to be checked, it's easy to toggle between the two systems. Proof of payment can be emailed from Telleroo to suppliers.

Xero Payroll integration

COMING SOON Similar to our Xero bills sync, you will soon be able to pull in, administrate and process Xero payroll payments in Telleroo.

App Integration (Auto Sync)

Sync systems and update everything from the same place. Simple.

Import from apps directly into Telleroo

Staffology is a cloud payroll software provider that you can directly connect to Telleroo to post payments from their app.

PayFit is an integrated payroll and HR management software for businesses. PayFit can automatically create pay runs for your approval in Telleroo.

COMING SOON to the UK, KeyPay is transforming payroll processing for employers and bureau businesses. You can post pay runs from inside KeyPay for approval.

File Upload

Telleroo has added compatibility for multiple different files exports. Simply export from your apps and drop the file into Telleroo.

+ Your own
custom CSV
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