Make payments from Xero

Telleroo's built with Xero customers in mind. Take advantage of our comprehensive two way integration with Xero.
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How to use Xero bills auto sync

1. Select the bills you want to Pay in Xero
2. Click Make payment
3. Configure your payments
4. Xero automatically sync payments with Telleroo

No more file imports for Xero bills

Submit a bill payment run directly from Xero to Telleroo.
  • Pull payment info from Xero
  • Link back to Xero bills
  • Detailed review page on Telleroo

Changes in Telleroo are updated in Xero

Any changes upon reviewing payments are pushed back to Xero.
  • Schedule bills for a certain date
  • We update your Xero batch upon any changes made
  • Invalid payees are flagged in Telleroo

Deep Integration means you can jump from Telleroo to Xero

We make it almost seamless to navigate back to individual Xero pages. You can navigate to individual invoices, or pull up a bills awaiting payments and more.

Control the format of your Xero bank feed

We give you full freedom as to what data we send back to Xero and in what format.
  • One line per payment, or
  • One line per batch
  • Choose differently for payroll vs other payment types
Telleroo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by agency of Moorwand Ltd under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 902767, for the issuing of electronic money. We hold all corresponding funds in a safeguarded account at ClearBank Ltd.
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