Sync bills directly from Xero

Telleroo automates a two-way sync with Xero. It’s easy to toggle between systems and you can pay Xero bills via Telleroo without manually keying in payees and amounts. Once bills are paid, you can instantly reconcile using the Xero bank feed.
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Accountants and bookkeepers can suggest payments for clients approval

Accountants and bookkeepers can suggest payments for clients approval
Validate bank details, flag suspicious payee changes, and check for duplicate payments
Pay, amend and reschedule pay runs instantly

Using Telleroo with Xero 

No more keying in bill payments manually 

Businesses spend much time setting up payee details and manually keying in payments. This can create preventable errors such as incorrect, missed or duplicate payments. Telleroo’s Xero integration allows teams to approve bill payments from Xero, without keying data or logging into banks.

Xero and Telleroo are always in sync

No more surprises or extra bookkeeping. Everything that happens in Telleroo syncs back to Xero. Any payments removed from a pay run in Telleroo are instantly moved back to 'awaiting payment' in Xero. Paid invoices are updated in Xero immediately, so you can reconcile in Xero there and then. No waiting for a day for your bank to update Xero.

Delegate payment work, so you only have to approve

As a business owner or FD you don't want to be spending your evening in your client's online banking. With Telleroo, you can delegate the creation of bill payments to your team or accountant. You approve and top up the Telleroo account.

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