Send Faster Payments
by using our API

Use our simple RESTful API to take control of your payments.


Our Benefits

Simple and easy to connect

No need to make payments on payroll day anymore, simply draft pay runs in advance and schedule payments for payday.

Take control of your payments

Re-keying payment information and reference details is a nightmare and something no finance person should be bothered with.

Payments arrive instantly

This high degree of manual processing is costly and slow, and it can lead to inconsistent results and a high error rate.

Our Features

Instant Payments

We send all our payments using the faster payments scheme. This means the minute your payment is sent, it arrives in recipients account.

Event Webhooks

Keep up to date using our webhooks for when payments are sent, new funds arrive and errors occur.

API Key Permissions

Each API key has its own permissions allowing you to limit what api keys can and can’t do.

Developer Slack

When you start intergrating you get dedicated slack channel with direct access to our developers for questions and support.

Two Step Authentication

We use google authenticator for verification, finally no more physical keyfobs to make payments needed.

Penetration Tested

We regularly run penetration tests against our application using reputable independent agencies.

For accountants and bookkeepers

Check out our partnership program and see the benefits it brings to your clients.