Import payments and send instantly

Use payment files from payroll and accounting software.

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Load BACS and CSV files

We accept Bacs, Xero's CSV and our own formated CSV. There is no need to reformat any of your payment files - just export and upload straight to Telleroo.

Instant Payments

We send all our payments using the faster payments scheme. This means the minute your payment is sent, it arrives in recipients account.

Custom User Roles

Every user you setup has their own permissions. This means one user can upload a file which then requires approval from another user.

Single User Logins

No more sharing logins and passwords between your teams. Every user gets their own login with custom permissions.

2 Factor Authenticator

Security is important to everyone, but doesn’t have to be complex - that's why we're using google authenticator.

No Key Fobs and Blocks

No more banking key fobs and mutiple logins. We know how easy it is to get locked out of your banking for weeks.

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