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How it works

Set up

Telleroo is simple to set up and use. Security checks take 1-2 days to complete. Our customers are confident on the system after their demo and we're always online to help.


Telleroo integrates seamlessly with your accounting software. You can log in and work on payments in one place. Other connected apps are updated automatically.


Payments follow a simple 5-step process. It’s easy to see where all your payments are at. We help you group these into a pay run that you can fund and process.


All payments, invoices and payees are viewable in Telleroo. You can reconcile by pay run batch or line-by-line. You'll always be on the same page as your finance team.

The Numbers.

How businesses are using Telleroo


Customer payments processed per year.


Average number of payments our customers process per month

4 mins

Time taken to create and process a pay run (100 payments)


Value of errors prevented (Jan 2021)


Number of errors detected across all payments (Jan 2021)


Average margin of error across all payments (Jan 2021)


Why use Telleroo?

Cut out hassle

Bank key fobs and mandates, manual file submission, logging into (and changing) multiple systems at once, chasing approvals, rectifying mistakes - we could go on. Telleroo automates payment processes that cause problems. It helps you focus on preparing pay runs without breaking your concentration, cutting out errors and saving you time and hassle.

Simplify payments

Telleroo isn’t the kind of technology you need to learn. Its interface will be familiar if you use accounting software like Xero. The platform pulls all the relevant payment information into one place. It's easy to review payee records and invoices, then reconcile once you're done.

Make more secure payments

Firstly, Telleroo cuts out payment errors before they happen. Users are alerted to duplicate payments, bad data and changed payee details - also preventing fraud. Secondly, accountants and bookkeepers no longer need access to business bank accounts for payments. Lastly, it syncs with all your systems, reducing data transposition and manual errors when processing payments.

Make faster payments

All payments sent from Telleroo are made using the faster payment scheme meaning they will arrive instantly in your recipients bank account. You can receive CHAPS, BACS, or Faster Payments into your Telleroo account. All outgoing payments are not subject to any cut off times.

Manage better

Telleroo gets your finance team using the same data. You can invite different users to participate, setting their role and status. On average, our customers save 80% of the time that they would normally spend on payments. Instead of monthly payments taking 8 hours over 2 or 3 days, we can get you down to minutes in one sitting.

Develop more control

We have a simple 5-step payment process. You can see where payments are at any point in time. Telleroo has a deep integration with Xero, so you can also check payments and invoices without leaving the Telleroo environment. Built in alerts and approval processes mean that as business owner, all you'll need to do is check, fund and approve pay runs.

Using Telleroo

We’ve created a simple and intuitive platform that customers are confident using after a short demo. If you get stuck, or if something goes wrong, we’re always online and normally respond within an hour. You can get hold of any member of the team via live chat. Be warned, we love talking about Telleroo and we'll almost certainly ask you how the platform can be improved.


Telleroo Platform features

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