Import Xero Batch Payments

Simply set up a business account for batch payments. No more manual inputs, file editing or formatting.

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“Telleroo is a game changer for accountants. No more banking access and Bacs SUN numbers needed. We highly recommend it to our clients that value efficiency and reliability!”

Jonathan Gaunt - Managing Director

Banking designed for batch payments

Produce files in Xero and load straight into Telleroo.

Eliminate manual inputs

Import payment files without the need for manual edits or reformatting. No more manual data entry.

Defeat human error

Make the risk of payments manageable by reducing input errors, unlike with high street banks.

Don’t bother with your bank

Start paying suppliers without a Bacs or corporate banking facility, of course no paperwork needed.

1. Produce Xero Batch Payments File

Create batch payment on Xero: Group multiple bill payments into one payment run. This gives you the option to export a CSV payment file.

2. Import CSV file into Telleroo

Load Xero batch file without editing into Telleroo. Take advantage of optional approval steps, e.g. accountant loads payments and business owners approves it. No mandatory payee creation needed.

3. Send instant Payments

Fund payment batch by sending money into your Telleroo account, which clears all supplier payments instantly through faster payments. No cut-off times unlike conventional banks.

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