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Add additional users

Safely invite your employees or members of your finance team with different roles to your Telleroo account.

User roles allow you to manage the risk of each user added. You decide the access level of each user, from read only to full management access.

Receive bounce back warning

When a payment is sent to an account that has been closed or the bank details are incorrect, Telleroo will email the creator of the pay run to flag the payment bounce back.

On the dashboard you are then able to see what pay run and which exact payment bounced back.

Draft payments without funds

You aren't required to have funds in your account before you can start creating pay runs.

If a pay runs scheduled date is reached but funds aren't in the account, we simply move the payments to awaiting funds. Once funds arrive we automatically send the payments.

Updated and new payee warning

If any previously paid payee, has their bank details/name changed we will flag this to you upload pay run creation.

Even after the pay run is sent, the payments will still flag the warning from that point in time.

Hold funds like a bank account

For every company Telleroo creates a unique account number and sort code. This means you can fund your Telleroo account like a business bank account, as long as it's funded from an account in your business name.

You can add funds before or after payments have been created, giving you total flexibility.

Make instant payments

All payments sent from Telleroo are using the faster payment scheme meaning they will instantly arrive in your recipients bank account.

You can receive CHAPS, Bacs, or Faster Payments into your Telleroo account. All outgoing payments are Faster Payments and not subject to any cut off times.

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How Telleroo funds are protected

Client funds are safeguarded and held at Clearbank. We don't lend or invest your deposits at any time.

Authorized by the FCA

Telleroo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a e-money institution.

Covered by Hiscox

We hold appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance with Hiscox Insurance Company Limited.

Safeguarded client funds

In the unlikely event Telleroo were to become insolvent, your money would be safe as its held with Clearbank.
Telleroo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by agency of Moorwand Ltd under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 902767, for the issuing of electronic money. We hold all corresponding funds in a safeguarded account at ClearBank Ltd.
Telleroo: 0203 6334 810
86-90 Paul Street London,EC2A 4NE