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Payments can be a complete pain when you’re trying to run a business. They zap your time and concentration. Telleroo gets your systems and finance team working productively together in one place. It gives you back some valuable time.

How Telleroo can help

Say goodbye to using business banking for bulk payments. No more file rejection, frustratingly slow service or account access and bank mandate issues. Telleroo offers a more secure alternative to bank bulk payments (no 3rd party access required) that’s simple, cheap and far less hassle to use.

Telleroo helps eliminate human error and detect potential fraud before it can occur. You'll be alerted to any new payees, changes to payee bank details and duplicate payments. Telleroo automates many of the manual processes that cause mistakes and problems in the first place.

Business can be messy. Any last-minute changes you make to supplier or payroll payments will be synced back to your accounting system. If you only want to part-pay an invoice, or delay a payment, that’s not a problem. Telleroo updates all connected systems. Payee details and payment histories are fully searchable.

Never lose or repeat payment work. Pay runs can be prepared by the finance team for your approval in Telleroo. If you don’t fund on time, for whatever reason, Telleroo saves the work your team has completed and shifts the pay run status to ‘Awaiting payment’, taking the pressure off until you're ready.

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Tech-enabled accountants

De-risk and scale up profitable services

Pay runs used to be high-risk, low-reward for accountants. Telleroo makes it easy for finance professionals to service and scale multiple clients from the same platform interface, without making errors. Telleroo helps you introduce process, control and automation that saves you lots of time. You can prepare pay runs for internal review, before sending them on to clients.

Xero integration

Telleroo is perfect for virtual finance. It behaves like a payments hub that improves the connectivity of your payment apps. There's a deep integration with Xero and Telleroo auto syncs with payroll and supplier payment apps. This helps cut out manual processes and errors that cause issues.

Using Telleroo means you don't need access to client business bank accounts. The onus is on clients to check, approve and fund pay runs. No more payment anxiety or stress over bank mandates or security.

Accountants and finance teams can collaborate efficiently in one place. Much easier than emailing screenshots of invoices back and forth, or trying to explain Google Sheets over the phone. Simply login, prepare, review and send on automatically for client approval.

You can be up and running without training. The platform mimics familiar accounting interfaces, like Xero, so there’s nothing new to learn. The payment process is broken down into just 5-simple steps. Any issues? You’ll find us online, responding to your questions within the hour.

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Make payments without bank account access

Telleroo removes all the hassle and security concerns of dealing with client payments. It's easy to prepare then process pay runs. The onus is on clients to check, fund and approve pay runs when they're alerted to do this. We’ve made reconciliation simple too.

How Telleroo helps bookkeepers

You can make payments without having access to client bank accounts. Pay runs you’ve prepared can be assigned to, and approved by, clients who transfer funds into a ring-fenced ClearBank account. Telleroo helps you manage the approval process using automated alerts.

Telleroo greatly reduces manual error and helps prevents fraud by automating many aspects of the payment process. The platform reduces the risk of transposing figures incorrectly. You’ll be alerted to unusual payments, new payees, changes to payee bank details and duplicates.

You’ll love the way you can batch up payments with Telleroo before sending them back to Xero. Reconciliation by batch is simple. If you, or your client, need more detail, the Xero sync means you can still reconcile line-by-line down to individual payments. Payee details and history is 100% searchable using Telleroo. You can also send bulk remittance emails.

Setting up client accounts is as simple as adding a new bank account in Xero. If you’ve ever done that, you’ll realise just how easy it is. Your clients will have the usual documentation we require for set up and security purposes at their fingertips.

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Telleroo Platform features

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