How it works

1. Import bank file

Generate payment file from Xero or similar. Import, all industry formats supported including Bacs.

2. Schedule in advance

Schedule pay run upon import in advance to be sent later. Also, set custom pay run approvals if needed.

3. Deposit funds

Fund your Telleroo account from your business bank account by sending one lump sum.

“Telleroo helped us to stop having to input payments individually.”

Jennifer Thompson
Head of Finance at CRATE Brewery & JARR Kombucha

Our Benefits

Less mistakes

This high degree of manual processing is costly and slow, and it can lead to inconsistent results and a high error rate.

Save time

Re-keying payment information and reference details is a nightmare and something no finance person should be bothered with.

Remove stress

No need to make payments on payroll day anymore, simply draft pay runs in advance and schedule payments for payday.

Our Features

Import Xero batch files

We support Xero, Sage, Brightpay or similar file formats, no need to manipulate or reformat bankfiles to set up payments.

Schedule pay runs

Set up payments in advance to avoid any stress on payday, especially when dealing with multiple pay dates.

Email notifications

Telleroo will chase payment authorisations for you, we get all relevant people informed about pay runs and will ensure everyone gets paid on time.

Instant payments

Stop dealing with slow Bacs payment cycles, instant round the clock Faster Payments instead, meaning no cut-off times - all payments are immediate.

Two Step Authentication

We use two factor verification, finally no more physical keyfobs to make payments needed.

API driven payments

Our open API enables you to submit payments directly from your back-end, enabling you to build payment workflows independent of any human intervention.