Are you fed up with manually keying in Business Payments?

There is an easier way. Create a CSV or use your accounting payment files and import your payments in seconds.

Let a File Importer save you time

Making payments to your suppliers or running your monthly payroll can be a hassle. Remove the need to manually key in recipient's bank details. Stop ringing up your bank to unblock your account or find out what payments failed.

You don't only save time uploading payments...

Import all your payment files directly from a CSV or accounting / payroll software into Telleroo. Avoid the worry of sending payments to incorrect details and add users with separate permissions all from the Telleroo dashboard.

Add approval steps to your payments

Stop emailing spreadsheets of transactions between employees / accountants.

Let specific users approve or hold payments before they can be sent. Approve transactions that require approval.

Interested in importing payments?