Import BACS files to send faster payments

New Feature

The number of users who have been waiting for this is staggering. Even more delighted are we to announce that Telleroo supports standard BACS files now. Say goodbye to the annoying feeling of manual file editing and endless formatting.

Many of you will have encountered changing risk appetite by banks to issue service user numbers which is needed to become a direct submitter with BACS. Especially accounting practices have been facing this recently. In this case, no more of this.

For many, especially clients of some banks this will come as a welcome surprise. Sometimes it is just annoying to get access to a file import facility for faster payments. Well, now you can even use your BACS file to send faster payments.

No matter what disappointment you have encountered, this will hopefully allow you to further automate your payment runs and primarily eliminate input errors, which is at the core of Telleroo.

See for yourself at the example of Xero: To visualize the simplicity of it we have put together a few screens to show the workflow from creating a batch payment in Xero to the approval within Telleroo.

Step 1: Add bills to batch payment.

Create batch payments in Xero which then gives you the file export option.

Step 2: Import BACS file

Export BACS file from Xero and load it in Telleroo, no manipulation needed.

Step 3: Approve Payments

Have pending payments approved and faster payments are released, depending on the approval workflow. Can also be approved by default.

Any feedback to this is very welcome. Also, any other things you think will further enhance the automation and security of payment runs we are more than happy to hear about it.

Email us at or ring through here.

PS: No affiliation to Xero, intention is to showcase the end to end workflow.