Make offering payment services easy and profitable

Simplify your payment process and stop tolerating banks.

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“Telleroo is a game changer for accountants. No more banking access and Bacs SUN numbers needed. We highly recommend it to our clients that value efficiency and reliability!”

Jonathan Gaunt - Managing Director

Simple and Secure Way to offer payment services

Cut time spent on dealing with a number of different banks and their unique requirements.

You import, your client approves

Import your clients supplier/payroll files and lets them approve and pay. No more sharing payment files over email.

Priced to resell to your clients

We charge you, not your clients giving you the freedom to take profit or pass on the savings

No more planning payments 3 days ahead

All our payments are sent using the faster payment scheme, meaning the day you send is the day they arrive.

No Key Fobs and Blocks

No more banking key fobs and mutiple logins. We know how easy it is to get locked out of your banking for weeks.

Stop having to share banking logins

Setting up new users is simple meaning there is not need to secretly share banking logins.

User Permissions

Each user is setup with their own permissions allowing you to limit access and actions of specific users.

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